Jonah and Alice give students feedback

Dramatis Personae

Who are the people that make MathILy-Er happen?

Mostly it's students (perhaps you?), but there are also instructors (see below).
We are assisted by the members of our Advisory Amalgam.
The program itself is a project of the nonprofit organization Mathematical Staircase, Inc. which has a board of directors.

Here is the 2021 lineup (so far):

Dr. Alice Mark, MathILy-Er director and Lead Instructor ()
Alice is a senior lecturer at Vanderbilt University. Her main mathematical interest is group theory, and her favorite kind of groups are reflection groups. She has assisted in several inquiry-based learning college classes, has presented at the Austin Math Circle, has worked with the University of Chicago Young Scholars Program, and was an Apprentice Instructor at MathILy-Er 2015 as well as a Lead Instructor at MathILy-Ers 2016--2019 and the director of MathILy-Er 2019.


Dr. Jonah Ostroff, Lead Instructor
Jonah is a senior lecturer in the math department at the University of Washington. He earned his Ph.D. in mathematics at Brandeis University in 2013 after studying at Carleton College. His research is focused on enumerative graph theory and permutation patterns, but he's also pretty into the mathematics of games and elections. He was a student of the MathILy director at the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics in 2002 and 2003, before which he thought math was only kind of okay. (He has since changed his mind.) Jonah has taught at various Math Circles for the last decade, directed the first four years of MathILy-Er, and taught at MathILy-Ers 2015--2019. He knows all the digits of 22/7.

Corrine Yap, Apprentice Instructor
Corrine is a mathematics graduate student at Rutgers University specializing in discrete mathematics. She graduated in May 2016 from Sarah Lawrence College, where she concentrated on both mathematics and theatre. Although on a Ph.D track, she still hopes to pursue her acting and playwriting interests; her main project is a one-woman show about Sofia Kovalevskaya that incorporates math, music, movement, and foreign languages (see her website for production photos!). She was the MathILy PRiME in 2014, a MathILy Apprentice Instructor 2015--2018, and a MathILy-Er Apprentice Instructor in 2019.


Samuel Wilson, Apprentice Instructor
Sam is a graduate student at the University of Tennessee. His main mathematical interests are in abstract algebra, group theory, and logic. Outside of math, Sam enjoys music, board games, painting, and baking bread. He was the MathILy-Er PRiME in 2019 and 2020.

Margaret Zheng, PRiME (Protector and Responder in the MathILy-Er Environment)
Margaret is a rising junior majoring in mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is still in the phase of exploring lots of different types of math, but her current favorites are discrete math and statistics. Besides math, she enjoys listening to music, improvising (not just) Heart and Soul on the piano, painting, and making cute doodles of stick figures (and people, sometimes). She is also a MathILy-Er 2018 alumna.


MathILy, MathILy-Er, and MathILy-EST are projects of the nonprofit organization Mathematical Staircase, Inc..