Summer 2021
June 13 - August 8

Location (online or in-person) to be determined

MathILy-EST is an 8-week intensive summer research experience for exceptional first-year college students.

Have you excelled in inquiry-based learning classes? Did you spend your pre-college career studying mathematics for fun? Do you want to try research in mathematics, but are too early in your college career to have the formal prerequisites that most research programs require? If your answer to any of those questions is yes, then MathILy-EST is for you.

MathILy-EST provides early research opportunities each year for six college students who are deeply but informally prepared for mathematics research. The focus of the program is on first-year students, with second-year and entering college students also considered for participation. The MathILy-EST REU is co-sited with MathILy---participants work in spaces near the MathILy classrooms, and live in the same dormitory as MathILy instructors and high-school students.

Note about SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19: MathILy-EST will take place in 2021---it has not yet been determined whether we will meet in person or synchronously online.

All the details you might want---including the research focus, stipend amount, application process, goals and expectations for participants, and prerequisites---can be found on the facts page.

MathILy, MathILy-Er, and MathILy-EST are projects of the nonprofit organization Mathematical Staircase, Inc..