{MathILy, MathILy-Er} Advisory Amalgam

Here are people who have agreed to give advice on academic and practical aspects of {MathILy, MathILy-Er}:

Dr. Douglas J. Shaw, mathematics faculty at University of Northern Iowa
Dr. Ruth Haas, mathematics faculty at University of Hawaii
James Cocoros, mathematics faculty at Stuyvesant High School
Dr. Dylan Shepardson, mathematics faculty at Mount Holyoke College
Dr. Carol E. Fan, operations researcher (currently Operations Data Science Lead at Apple Computer)
Dan Zaharopol, Executive Director of BEAM
Dr. James Tanton, mathematician, currently Ambassador for the MAA
Dr. Joshua Greene, mathematics faculty at Boston College
Dr. Emily Peters, mathematics faculty at Loyola University Chicago
Wing L. Mui, Seattle-area artist and mathematics teacher
Dr. Thomas Hull, mathematics faculty at Western New England University
Dr. Josh Laison, mathematics faculty at Willamette University

Josh Greene Speaks

Josh Greene gives a Daily Gather

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