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MathILy-Er instructors and staff from years gone by

Dr. Jonah Ostroff, Director (2015--2018), Lead Instructor (2015--present)
Jonah is a senior lecturer in the math department at the University of Washington. He earned his Ph.D. in mathematics at Brandeis University in 2013 after studying at Carleton College. His research is focused on enumerative graph theory and permutation patterns, but he's also pretty into the mathematics of games and elections. He was a student of the MathILy director at the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics in 2002 and 2003, before which he thought math was only kind of okay. (He has since changed his mind.) Jonah has taught at various Math Circles for the last decade, directed the first four years of MathILy-Er, and taught at MathILy-Ers 2015--2020. He knows all the digits of 22/7.


Alice Mark, Apprentice Instructor (2015), Lead Instructor (2016--present), Director (2019--present)
Alice is a senior lecturer at Vanderbilt University. Her main mathematical interest is group theory, and her favorite kind of groups are reflection groups. She has assisted in several inquiry-based learning college classes, has presented at the Austin Math Circle, has worked with the University of Chicago Young Scholars Program, and was an Apprentice Instructor at MathILy-Er 2015 as well as a Lead Instructor at MathILy-Ers 2016--2020.

Cathy Hsu, Lead Instructor (2019), Apprentice Instructor (2018)
Cathy is visiting Swarthmore College after finishing her Ph.D. at the University of Oregon. Her research focuses primarily on congruences between modular forms and arithmetic statistics, both areas of algebraic number theory. Cathy was very active in the Association for Women in Mathematics at UO and supervised several undergraduate projects related to group theory and number theory as part of the AWM Undergraduate Reading Program. While she (sadly) never attended a summer math program as a student, Cathy is excited to be back at MathILy-Er 2019.


Dr. Noah Forman, Lead Instructor (2018)
Noah Forman is a postdoc in math at the University of Washington. He has a B.A. in math and physics from Oberlin and a math Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, and was previously a postdoc at Hogwarts. Er... we mean Oxford. He studies random trees and has been maligned as a "West Coast coin flipper." He thoroughly enjoyed visiting and giving a talk at MathILy-Er in 2017, and looks forward to spending more time at the program this summer!

Dr. Nate Harman, Lead Instructor (2017, 2020), Apprentice Instructor (2015)
Nate is a player of board games, an eater of sandwiches, and a taker of naps. He is an avid fan of tacos, Batman, and hot sauce. He has run with the bulls, jumped out of an airplane, and has spent many, many hours pretending to be a wizard. He also does math sometimes, and after finishing his Ph.D. at MIT in 2017 allegedly studying representation theory, he postdoc-ed at the University of Chicago. He is not a college football player---or is he?! In previous summers he has taught at both MathILy and MathILy-Er, as well as at the UMass Amherst Mathematics Triple, the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics, and the Research Science Institute.


Annie Meyers, Apprentice Instructor (2020)
Annie is a teaching assistant and grader at AoPS. She earned her M.S. in Mathematics from the University of Iowa, where she was a VIGRE graduate student award recipient. Her mathematical interests include low-dimensional topology, knot theory, and algebraic topology. Between 2009 and 2017 she took forays into both education and data science, earning an M.S. in Adult and Higher Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2013. From 2017--2019 she was a full-time Lecturer at a local engineering college. She plans to return to grad school for her Ph.D. in Fall 2021. Annie also loves choral music (she's an alto), sewing, knitting, reading sci-fi, and board games.

Henry Hale, Apprentice Instructor (2020)
Henry is an undergraduate at the University of Chicago majoring in mathematics and music. He's a fan of topology, linear algebra, and the mathematics of musical tuning systems. When he's not doing math, he can often be found adding way too many notes to a chord, singing with his a capella group, UChicago Voices, or drumming a polyrhythm on random nearby objects. He was a participant in the 2017 and 2018 iterations of MathILy..


Dylan Cordaro, Apprentice Instructor (2020)
Dylan is graduating this spring from the University of Chicago with a BS in Mathematics. He is most interested in analysis and probability. Outside of math, Dylan enjoys playing board games and reading books that may or may not be math related. He was a participant MathILy-Er in 2015.


Josh Mundinger, Apprentice Instructor (2019)
Josh is a graduate student at the University of Chicago. He loves to listen to and play the piano, and can often be found singing Beethoven to himself. He participated enthusiastically in MathILy 2013 and was an Apprentice Instructor for MathILys 2017 and 2018.

Corrine Yap, Apprentice Instructor (2019)
Corrine is a mathematics graduate student at Rutgers University planning to specialize in discrete mathematics. She graduated in May 2016 from Sarah Lawrence College, where she concentrated on both mathematics and theatre. Although on a Ph.D track, she still hopes to pursue her acting and playwriting interests; her main project is a one-woman show about Sofia Kovalevskaya that incorporates math, music, movement, and foreign languages (see her website for production photos!). She was the MathILy PRiME in 2014 and a MathILy Apprentice Instructor 2015--2018.


Emi Brawley, Apprentice Instructor (2019)
Emi is graduating this spring from Stony Brook University, where she is studying mathematics and women's, gender, and sexuality studies. Mathematically, she is mostly interested in analysis, particularly geometric measure theory; non-mathematically, she likes knitting and the Great British Bake Off. She participated in MathILy 2013.

Connor Halleck-Dube, Apprentice Instructor (2019)
Connor is a graduating senior at Yale University studying mathematics. He'll be starting his PhD in the fall in algebra/algebraic geometry/number theory. He likes computers, fiction, strategy games, and most other nerdy things. In his free time, he has done theatrical sound engineering, and his favorite non-mathematics classes were "The Chinese Tradition" and "Control, Privacy, Security." The best mathematical vocabulary word is thrackle.


Rebecca Rohrlich, Apprentice Instructor (2019)
Rebecca is a senior math major and computer science minor at Smith College. Her current mathematical interests are geometry, graph theory, and theoretical computer science (but really, she's into any problems that she finds cool). She went to many (non-mathematical) summer camps as a kid, and was a counselor at PROMYS last summer. She loves cats, swimming, drawing, and writing.

Lucas Van Meter, Apprentice Instructor (2017, 2018)
Lucas is a fifth year graduate student in mathematics at the University of Washington. His research is in the area of algebraic geometry, in particular computer vision and moduli problems. Lucas leads the second year math circle at UW and has mentored undergraduates in the Washington Experimental Mathematics Lab; he taught at MathILy-Ers 2017 and 2018.


Arianne Hermida, Apprentice Instructor (2018), PRiME (2016, 2017)
Ari graduated with a BA in mathematics from the University of Washington in 2017 and is in a postbaccalaureate mathematics program while applying to graduate schools. She is most interested in probability, group theory, and social choice. Between high school and college, she served in AmeriCorps as a math tutor. She now does research in UW's history department. She was the PRiME in the 2016 and 2017 instances of MathILy-Er and an AI at MathILy-Er 2018.

JD House, Apprentice Instructor (2019)
JD is beginning his PhD in math in the Fall, likely working in either geometry or combinatorics (or probability, statistics, or maybe topology... we'll say undecided). As of the Spring, he is working on his final year at Arizona State University and will graduate in May. JD loves board games and problem-solving, and he's excited to share the wonders of math with more students!


Evan Forletta, Apprentice Instructor (2018)
Evan is a third year transfer student at UC Santa Cruz, where he studies all the pure math he can get his hands on. Some of his favorite things include: singing, coffee, his letter/number color synesthesia, and watching his little brother perform in band competitions. This quarter he's gonna see if he can't learn some algebraic geometry, as well as try to go to bed earlier (one could debate which is harder---the uninterrupted hours that span 10pm to 4am are a hard-to-resist time for mathematics...). Aside from just learning mathematics, Evan's real mission in life is to share that math with other people (i.e. be what they call a teacher). Trust us: this kid really looks forward to meeting you all this summer.

Hannah Turner, Apprentice Instructor (2017)
Hannah is a second year graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin. She is interested in knots and 3-manifolds. Hannah was a counselor at PROMYS in 2015 and has supervised independent studies by undergraduates through the Directed Reading Program at UT since 2016.


Kate Borst, Apprentice Instructor (2016)
Kate will be a senior this upcoming fall at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, PA, where she studies mathematics. She's most interested in geometry, but also enjoys combinatorics and graph theory. Last fall, she studied abroad with the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program. She loves to travel, scuba dive, and sing with her beloved a cappella group, The Treblemakers.

Michael Daellenbach, Apprentice Instructor (2016)
Michael is entering his senior year at Lewis & Clark College in Portland. He is a math major, computer science minor. He's most interested in algebraic number theory, and thinks combinatorics is pretty cool, too. His favorite math problem is the Collatz problem. Michael has been involved in various summer camps every year since he was six years old. When he isn't doing math, Michael's usually playing board games or watching The Walking Dead.


Samuel Wilson, PRiME (Protector and Responder in the MathILy-Er Environment)
Sam is a graduating senior at Carson-Newman University studying Math and Physics. His main mathematical interests are in abstract algebra, group theory, and logic. Outside of math, Sam enjoys music, board games, painting, and baking bread. He was the MathILy-Er PRiME in 2019.

Pavani Rannulu, PRiME (2018)
Pavani ("Pavi") will be graduating this May from the University of Maryland with a BS in Mathematics and a minor in Physics. She spent her childhood in Sri Lanka, where she participated in national and international math competitions. As an undergraduate, she fell in love with Combinatorics and Number Theory. Outside of mathematics, Pavi loves animals, surfing and travelling.


Ashley Corkill, PRiME (2015)
Ashley is a mathematics major and part of the Honors College at the University of Arizona. She is excited about tabletop (and other) games and historical embroidery and weaving.

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